The First Strategic Committee Meeting in 2017 Held in Beijing


The first Strategic Committee meeting of 2017 was held in Beijing between June 10th and 11th. Committee members and external guests gathered in a lovely Beijing Hutong for a day and half to review progress in each of the programs and discuss strategic issues of the Fund. Consensus was reached of further concentrating our resources on supporting initiatives that emphasize bottom-up approaches.

Mr. WANG Shuwen, our newly-appointed Executive Director, presented a 3-year implementation plan to substantialize the Fund’s Development Strategy that was approved in the last Committee Meeting in December, 2016. Dr. QIAO Feng and Ms. YU Yin, directors of the Industrial Green Development Program and the Sustainable Community Program respectively, reported progresses in each of the clusters.

The Committee concluded that for the Industrial Green Development Program, we should further put our attention and resources on Shunde, a global manufacturing powerhouse in the Pearl River Delta of Southern China, and engage local green supply chain pilot in its home appliance sector. For the Sustainable Community program, the Committee agreed that the Fund should primarily participate the broader national initiative of tackling “black and foul” river pollution, and develop our own approaches through supporting community-based solutions.

"This is a very good meeting,” said Ms. Alice Lau, the Chairwoman of the Committee, in her closing remarks. “We can see that the Fund is moving forward steadily in a direction that is down-to-earth. We will continue to work together and actively, to achieve our environmental goals.”