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Green Hunan Environmental Science Center


Organization Overview

The GreenHunan Environmental Science Center (Green Hunan) was established in February 2007. Since its establishment, Green Hunan has focused its efforts on protecting water resources in the Xiangjiang Basin and running environmental awareness campaigns.


Its key achievements since inception include the following projects and campaigns: “Watching Our Mother River” Xiangjing Basin Observation and Action Network, Liuyang River ecological environment protection program, Hunan Province Top 10 Environmental Events Assessment, Hunan Province Sources of Pollution Investigation project conducted across 14 cities, Hunan Province Listed Companies Environmental Responsibility Performance Evaluation, Green Salon, metropolitan river hops, and other programs.


Official website: http://www.greenhunan.org.cn


Grant Detail

Grant Term: May, 2013 - March, 2016

Granted: 240,000RMB