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China Mangrove Conservation Network


Organization Overview

China Mangrove Conservation Network (CMCN) started as a mangrove protection project by volunteers from the Green Wild group at XiamenUniversity. It was registered in 2011, and has since then developed into a non-profit organization focusing on mangrove ecosystem protection.


The mission at CMCN is to provide, for the conservation of the Mangrove Natural Reserve, a platform of collaboration between local communities, educational and scientific research institutions, public organisations, relevant government departments, the media, and volunteer groups.


Major projects at CMCN includes the following:

A. provide small grants to teams targeting Mangrove conservation and running educational activities on sustainable development in mangrove areas;

B. carry out mangrove restoration projects supported by scientific research results, and assist the building of environmental governance framework in affected communities;

C. organise ecological working holidays, voluntary patrols, and provide local response to local environmental events.


Official Website:  http://www.china-mangrove.org/


Grant Detail

Grant Term: May, 2013 - August, 2015

Granted: 300,000RMB