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[Beautiful Pearl River] Community River Manager Action Plan

Organization Overview

The project operator, Pearl River Action Collective, is an NGO jointly established at the beginning of 2014 by four environmental groups, including the Greenovation Hub, the Guangzhou GreenPoint Environmental Protection Association, the Guangzhou New Lifestyle Environmental Protection Association, and Hong Kong Friends of the Earth. It aims to call to action Guangzhoucitizens to do what each can in fulfilling the community’s collective responsibility for environmental protection of thePearl River. Its strategy involves giving voice to ongoing local water environmental issues, public consultation on means and solutions, and building community networks for taking action. Its current projects include the Pearl River Environment Public Monitoring Project, “Survey by Me for the Mayor”, and “A Dollar A Person for Waste Water Treatment Plant” fundraising campaign.


Project Description

The Community River Manager Action Plan looks towards community education, awareness, and empowerment as means to address environmental issues. It aims to advocate leadership for environmental monitoring, and drive policy implementation by government agencies. The project provides public education and training on how to protect stormwater channels and drainage systems, and on improving execution capabilities of volunteers. It supports individual and small community groups to perform river patrols, live alerts, and builds dialog with governmental agencies on their enforcement responsibilities. Multi-media platforms are used to raise the influence and profiles of activities within the project, so more of the community may gain awareness of important issues facingGuangzhou’s waterways and join in their solutions.

Grant Detail

Grant Term: June, 2015 – January, 2016

Granted: 98,400 RMB