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[Beautiful Pearl River] Shenzhen Care - River Basin Pollution Survey

Organization Overview

The project operator, SENGO, was established in Shenzhen in 2013 as a joint initiative by local environmental professionals, volunteers, and philanthropic groups. SENGO focuses on the protection of coastal wetlands and local aquatic environment, the prevention and treatment of pollution in these areas.

It facilitates the building of volunteer networks, provides leadership for public participation and oversight, and advocates environmental information disclosure of government and corporate entities. It also develops public education programs on the environment to encourage active contribution from every citizen towards ecological and environmental protection.

Official Website:www.szhb.org


Project Description

The Shenzhen Care Program aims to provide a framework for water pollution prevention, treatment, and monitoring, covering all river basins in Shenzhen. It leverages the group’s prior experience in its Xixiang River Studies and Shenzhen Harbour Pollution Studies.

The project conducts training workshops for water pollution surveyors so they may effectively build their theoretical knowledge on waterway pollution prevention and treatment as well as their practical capabilities on water quality evaluation and periodic on-site assessment.

Through these measures and the sharing of such information, the initiative plays a leading role in raising public awareness of waterway protection among local communities. In addition, surveyors are encouraged to raise alerts and make suggestions to help improve government policy implementation.

Grant Detail

Grant Term: June, 2015 – May, 2016

Granted: 100,000 RMB