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[Beautiful Pearl River] Creeks Cleanup Action Program

Organization Overview

The project operator, the Guangzhou Haizhu District Liuxi Ecological Protection Center, is an initiative by a group of citizens that felt a strong responsibility for taking care of their local Liuxi River, the main waterway in their neighbourhood for generations. The Center aims to restore and maintain long term good health of the river, and to improve the ecological state of the basin.

The key areas of interest for the Center extend beyond the natural ecological environment and include human ecology. It sees the Liuxi area as a microcosm of the greaterGuangzhoumacrocosm, and believes effective results from one microcosm can have implication for the wider metropolis, especially regarding lessons and successes of sustainability development. The Center intends to form a diverse network of contacts through cross-industry collaboration, while also maintaining its independence.

The Center was successfully registered as an NGO in 2015, and has the following main tasks planned for this year: cause of pollution investigation, headwaters environmental risk assessment, building a platform of constructive dialog on the waterway’s joint management between stakeholders, and promote public participation on environmental management activities, such as the Creeks Cleanup Campaign.


Project Description

The Creeks Cleanup Campaign involves getting the white collar community to use their leisure time towards activities that improve the environment. The clean-up activities are hands on and instantly rewarding. It also makes for a great opportunity to collect statistics on the state of waste dumping in the local waterways. These combine to raise the profile of this environmental issue with the government, while also making the project a potential public fundraising opportunity in the future.

Grant Detail

Grant Term: June, 2015 – February, 2016

Granted: 50,000 RMB