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[Beautiful Pearl River] Pearl River Headwaters Environmental Research and Management

Organization Overview

The program operator, Greenovation Hub, is a locally based NGO with a global vision. It envisions the future without pollution, so everyone may enjoy clean water, clean air, and safe food. Greenovation believes the ecosystem is fundamental to human development, and effective sustainable solutions can only come from the collaboration and coordination of stakeholders. It aims to provide innovative tools and channels of public engagement, which bring together the government, the business sector, and the society at large, to help drive a green restructure in China.

Official Website: www.ghub.org

Project Description

The province of Guangdong is one of China’s most advanced, and in the past 30 years has been an economic powerhouse for the country. Sources of drinking water for the province are distributed within the Pearl River Basin, and together take up the bulk of water supplies sourced from this system. Pollution is severe within this network however. In addition, water supply is unevenly distributed. Many cities experience serious shortage of water that meets an acceptable safety standard, and had to resort to river diversions to resolve the shortage, particularly for the city of Guangzhou.

The project in 2015 aims to shine a spotlight on the protection of the river’s headwaters by leveraging its prior experience in 2014 gained through its Pearl River Basin environmental protection and drinking water safety studies. Via this project, Guangzhou will be used as a case study for headwaters protection issues and strategies.

The project plans to ascertain an in-depth understanding of the challenges in this area by conducting on-the-ground investigations, discussions with practitioners and policymakers, and via public forums. It would also facilitate networking and dialogs between environmental project teams and their key stakeholders in order to devise effective solutions on public participation in environmental protection.

Grant Detail

Grant Term: June, 2015 – December, 2016

Granted: 100,000 RMB