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Guizhouren Philanthropic Center for Ecology

Organization Overview

The project operator, Guizhouren Philanthropic Center for Ecology, has an aim to establish a local philanthropic platform that drives joint efforts on environmental protection from all walks of life, to advocate the values of sustainable development and foster a culture of ecological harmony.

Guizhouren was formerly the Guizhouren Philanthropic Action Network, and was formally registered in December 2014. Its current focus includes water protection, public environmental awareness and education, sustainable lifestyle experiments, and fun activity days in local waterways.



Project Description

The project aims to develop a networking platform for green guards of headwaters areas in the Guizhou Province. It aims to build out a system of river profiles via such public participation, and contribute towards the systematic accumulation of knowledge and data on environmental protection for use by local environmental groups and the general public.

In addition, the networking platform would leverage its fun activity days, topical community education programs, small scale funding opportunities, to provide participation opportunities and technical assistance to the public in their efforts to take part in water resources conservation.

By building a network of green guards consisting of individuals and small teams, the project cultivates an environmental protection attitude. It also facilitates the exploration and learning of effective ways of water resources conservation by enabling cross-industry collaboration.

Grant Detail

Grant Term: July, 2015 – June, 2016

Granted: 200,000 RMB