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Chengdu Roots & Shoots Community Learning Center

Organization Overview

The project operator, Chengdu Roots & Shoots Community Learning Center, began operation in 2003, and is part of the Roots & Shoots Program established by Jane Goodall, the internationally acclaimed primatologist. Volunteers at Roots and Shoots are active across the Sichuan Province, and advocate personal responsibility for environmental care. It became an officially registered independent entity in April 2008.

The Chengdu Roots & Shoots Center has always focused its activities on the south west of China, actively engaging local schools, businesses, higher education institutions, government departments, and individuals in its projects.

Its key projects to date include Roots & Shoots Group, Chengdu Urban Waste Sorting Pilot Sites Study, Eco-village Building Project, Community Environmental Protection Education Program, and School Waste Sorting Project. Through these projects, an increasing number from the community gains an opportunity to participate in better waste management of the Chengdu city.

Official Website: http://www.cdgyy.org/

Grant Detail

Grant Term: January, 2015 – December, 2015

Granted: 200,000 RMB