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[Beautiful Pearl River] Develop Guangzhou Water Environmental Education Toolkit


Organization Overview
GreenPoint is a Guangzhou-based non-profit organization, serving in the areas of environmental protection training, building of platforms for youth activities and dialogs. Commenced in 2003, it promotes volunteerism and public participation, particularly among university students, as a way of helping young people understand and engage in environmental protection.
It aims to systematically cultivate a broader stronger environmental awareness among the younger generation, promote eco-friendly lifestyles, and contribute towards sustainable development. GreenPoint has a particular interest in environmental issues at a local level and youth engagement. It uses education, policy advocacy, research and other means to address challenges in this area.

The vision of GreenPoint:Establish sustainable-development Guangzhou, that means the harmony between the human beings, between human beings and society, between human beings and nature.
The mission at GreenPoint is let the college students become environmental protection actors.

Official Website: http://www.gpaction.net/

Project Desciption

The program will combine “Green Children Love the Earth-Environmental Education Program” held by GreenPoint.Through the combination of water classroom, water experiencing activities and family practice action, the program will develop local water environmental education toolkit(including textbooks, teaching aids, videos, guidelines and so on),making up the deficiency of local environmental education whose topic is water, training the college students to be water environmental protection teachers and cultivating the awareness to water protection among pupils in Guangzhou.

Grant Detail

Grant Term: January, 2016 – June, 2016

Granted: 50,000 RMB