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Research Program on Agricultural Waste Pollution in the Dongjiang River's Headwater Area

Organization Overview
The environmental organization was spontaneously established in Dongjiang River’s headwaters Xunwu county, and registered in August,2014.The Association consists of 98 individual members and 10 team members. It aims to raise general social awareness about the ecological protection of the Dongjiang River’s headwaters, strengthen the network between the related governmental departments and civil environmental, charitable, philanthropic organizations, introduce social enterprises to direct investment programs to take part in the ecological protection of Dongjiang River’s headwaters, promote the collaboration of government, enterprises and public to jointly protect the environment of Dongjiang River’s watershed.

Project Description

In this program, there will be research into the current state of agricultural pollution in the Dongjiang River’s headwater area of Xunwu County, and discussions will be held with stakeholders--government, dealers of pesticides and chemical fertilizer, and farmers to explose solutions.
Grant Detail

Grant Term: March, 2016 – February, 2017

Granted: 50,000 RMB