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Guangdong Environmental Protection and Art Fund

Organization Overview
The project operator,Guangdong Environmental Protection and Art Fund,is jointly established by Guangdong  Environmental Education & Communications Center,Guangzhou Diansheng Culture Development Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Harmony Foundation.As the executive institution to the Fund,Guangzhou Diansheng Culture Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008,specialising in advertising,culture and art.It managed to the Guangdong's Environment Protection Department a series of educational and advertising activities on environmental protection from September,2014,including educational and advertising practical activities among youth in Guangdong,”Yeah EP” World Environment Day activities,environmental protection and art graffiti competition.

Project Description
Guangdong Environmental Protection and Art Fund aims to promote integration of environmental protection and art,explore the way to develop environmental protection and art.Furthermore,it innovates environmental protection education in order to cultivate the artists an awareness of environmental protection,and hope they will play a role in public environmental protection education through their artworks,create new ideas for civil environmental protection.The Fund holds a series of “Yeah EP”activities,including environmental protection public art,environmental protection and art education,art advocacy and financial assistance.Those activities also help encourage public participation in environmental protection,raise public awareness in environmental protection and develop the environmental protection industry with attractive career paths.

Official Website:http://www.yeahep.org/epIndexAction.htm
Grant Detail

Grant Term: November, 2015 – December, 2016

Granted: 100,000 RMB