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Jiangnan Community Green Culture Education Classroom

Organization Overview
The project operator,a commercial register,established in 2011,is dedicated to community environmental education and promotes green lifestyle practice among community.Its focuses are public environmental protection education among community and promotion of civic responsibility awareness.It also makes and provides plans for the public to take part in the philanthropic activities in community,and builds a platform for community services and environmental protection action programs.Invited by entrepreneurs in Hunan,Lezhiduo returned to its hometown-Nanzhushan town,Xijiao,Xiangtan,Hunan to launch the program“Community Green Cultural Education Classroom”.

Project Description
The program was launched in the local residential area for state-owned enterprises.By cultivating community volunteers service team and providing small grants,it carried out activities,such as  environmental protection community classroom,environment education of children,domestic garbage classification pilot,etc.By doing these,it raises the environmental protection awareness among community,encourages the community to participate in public environmental protection and pushes forward the local ecological sustainable development.Meanwhile,the project operator prepares to establish a foundation focusing on hometown,which is called “Beautiful Seeds”.It appeals to successful national entrepreneurs with local hometown roots to participate and donate,and help ensure sustainable project funding via the program“Entrepreneurs building hometown ecological village”.
Grant Detail

Grant Term: February, 2016 – January, 2017

Granted: 100,000 RMB