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In this area of funding, the Fund focuses on environmental initiatives in the Pearl River Delta region, also known as “Factory of the World”. The region bears the consequences of being the engine behind China’s economic boom. Almost every major multinational corporation has some part of its supply chain in Guangdong. Low-end manufacturing has resulted in extraordinarily stressed natural ecosystems and an epidemic of environmental and occupational health hazards. Unfortunately, this is also an area where civil society responses are sorely underdeveloped and vested interests, both in government and private sector, are strong. As far as we are aware, no other domestic foundation is explicitly committing funding to address such issues. As a Pearl River Delta-based foundation, we believe our role is to spur civil society’s engagement in improving industry’s environmental performance. We look to fund environmental NGOs that use green supply chain management theories and practices to effectively promote corporate environmental responsibility and improve environmental outcomes. We are also particularly concerned about “pollution transfer” issues during instances of industry migration, and look to fund environmental NGOs that address this concern to help lift environmental standards at corporations. To date, we have funded more than 10 projects in this area.